Nurture Education Pte Ltd was started in 2005 to provide quality education to JC and Secondary school
students. We understand the difficulties in searching for high-quality tuition. Time is short as the exam date approaches. Every minute spent searching is time wasted. As students, that's less time learning. As parent
that's more time spent worrying. This is why we created Nurture Education. We believe in partnering with
NIE-trained teachers (full-time or ex-school teachers) to provide you with the assurance that your time is
well spent, and your learning is optimised.

Our mission is to help our students to achieve their academic goals. Using a holistic approach, our pillars of
strength serves to support and propel our students to greater heights, and to nurture them to realise their
full potential.

We envision our students being well equipped with the skills required for the Information Age. In this new
Age, we foresee that literacy is no longer just about reading and writing; literacy will soon encompass critical analysis and comprehension, and it is these very skills that form the basis to excel in this Information Age.
In helping our students achieve their academic goals, we are nurturing their foundations to prepare them for
a future of life-long learning and success.

Proven Results
More than 85% of our students scored As and Bs in national examinations

Tutored more than 5000 students in six years
Over 5000 students have benefited from our teaching over the years

Qualified, dedicated & passionate teachers
We only recruit teachers with exceptional caliber and fervor

Invested over $100,000 on teaching methodologies & materials
Because we believe that our students deserve the best

Small class size of maximum 10 students
This ensures adequate attention to every individual

Convenient locations
We’re located within a stone’s throw of MRT stations

Driven & Motivated Students
A conducive learning environment where students' abilities are stretched and challenged
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